Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Week 1 - Update

It has been an amazing week filled with many messages of kindness and displays of generosity from fellow crafters around the world.  So far, we have almost 40 volunteers in the USA, Spain, Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Turkey and Australia all planning to take part in this project.  I also received an email from a lovely lady in Singapore who is hoping to make a quilt with her students and send it straight to the Deborah House.  Three others are busy making baby quilts for orphanages which is wonderful, and closer to home the ladies from our Knit1Treble2 team on Etsy are planning to knit and crochet squares.

Today the first blocks arrived, one all the way from Australia from Sandra at Auntie Sams, and three from textile artist Karen at stitchinglife.  Bebby at bebbyjumpers (the brains behind the woolly quilt) has also bought a knitted afghan to send across which is brilliant. I will update the set on flickr as they come in.

Thank you all once again for your love and willingness to help


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  1. So glad to see the plan is successful already - look forward to seeing other blocks as they arrive. Good luck!