Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Quilts for Romania

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Deborah House and the work of Missio Link International in Romania.

'Deborah House provides a unique and critically needed sanctuary for severly abused girls, providing a healing sanctuary where hurt fades and is turned into hope'.

I am in contact with Lorena, Mum to all the girls and I urge you to read her story and details of her amazing work here. She explains, ' if you wonder why SPER.MLI? SPER, in Romanian means HOPE and is the acronym of Services for People at Risk. '

And this brings me to a brainstorm which involves reaching out to my quilting sisters around the globe!

This, dear friends is the plan ...

Send an 8x8 inch block to the address at the bottom of this post.  The block can be anything at all.  Perhaps you would like to sign it or write a message, or maybe use your country's colours or emblems.

The first blocks received (unless you specify that you want them to be made into quilts for the girls) will be made into a quilt which will be a prize for an online competition with 100% of proceeds going to MIL for the Deborah House.  Subsequent blocks will be made into quilts for the Deborah House and delivered by our family in October.

Should anyone wish to make something larger than a block, we hope to visit orphanages (details to follow) during our trip and could drop off baby quilts or children's knitted items.

The address 

D McClenahan
40 Fernagreevagh Road
County Armagh
BT61 8PN
N Ireland 

On behalf of Lorena and her girls, a huge thank you!  I will be posting photographs of the blocks as they come in.  If you send one, please leave your details in the comments section.

Deborah x


  1. Yes Deborah I will send one does it need to be backed or anything ?.....Lorna x

  2. Of course I will be in and part of this good idea, thanks for the opportunity.

  3. i'm in deborah - i'll also post in on my blog sometime in the near future. rgds

  4. What an excellent opportunity to do something positive, thank you for the chance to help.

  5. What a good idea. Shall take part and send you a block soon!! Barbora

  6. Hello Deborah,
    I'd like to send one. I saw artymess's question above, and I have another one: I take it the completed size when sewn in to the quilt will be 8" x 8" and therefore you need each completed patch to be roughly 8.5" x 8.5"?
    PS - perhaps another post outlining any requirements you have might be helpful...? I'm not an expert quilter and perhaps there will be others like me who would like to send something but aren't able to make assumptions about what you need (or would make the wrong assumptions!) Thanks!

  7. Thank you all. Janice I've emailed you :) Any blocks that come in @ 8x8 minus seam allowance will be used in one quilt. I'll pop another post up specifiying 8.5 as that is what the majority are making up. Deb x

  8. Count me in :) I'm guessing you don't mind whether they're knit or crochet? I don't mind doing either, but just wondered if it mattered which...
    I've been to Romania myself on mission with a group of young people; it was a moving and life-changing experience.

  9. Hi Julia, either will be wonderful! Would love to hear more about your trip. Do you blog? Deb x